Our Story

When we talk about Rex Residence Hotel we are not just talking about its structure on the first line of the sea, the apartments that each year host visitors from different parts of the world and that become your home, making you live an extraordinary holiday ... no, for us it is much more . For us it means passion, love, cordiality and friendship.

But before we get here, how did the Rex come about?
Let's go back in time, it was the 40s and our structure was known as VILLA TERESA. A small villa, of only two floors, all pink with blue shutters and a magnificent sea view. In those years there was still no seaside tourism as we understand it now, but the first rooms for rent in boarding houses or villas began, just like this one.

Cattolica was hit hard by the bombings of '44 and Villa Teresa was destroyed. Its land was bought by Bruno Vanni and Sistina, who built the Hotel Rex in 1956, thus giving birth to our current Residence.

At the time it was a gray and white building, with yellow shutters and the big red writing on the roof indicating its name. The structure was very different from the current one, it had a large parking lot where today there is our unmistakable fountain and it was not equipped with a large swimming pool overlooking the sea, but the strategic position a stone's throw from the beach remains and will always remain the same, as well as the characteristic staircase on via Carducci. After the management of Bruno Vanni and Sistina Antonioli, the hotel passed to his daughter, Cristina Vanni, who transformed it into a Residence, creating the basis of the apartments that are there today. He will only manage it for a few years, before selling it to his brother, and current owner: Bruno Franco Vanni and his wife Patrizia.

Today we work with him, his children, Chiara and Andrea Vanni, and this Residence for us is not just work, but home. This is where we were born, where we grew up, where we took the first steps and where we inherited the same passion for the hotel industry that we pass on from generation to generation.

Come and meet us!
Chiara and Andrea Vanni

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